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A cozy chair becomes smart!

Hi friends,

today I ‘d like to introduce you a trendy cocktail chair from the sixties.

The shape is sweet, but the fabric upholstery is awful.

In a few creative days a new look named “Husse” has arisen, made of 100% cotton so called “Canvas”.

“Husse” (in Switzerland also named “housse”, in france named “la housse” means union, cover, coat, slipcover) is a cover for seatings, but it is also used for bar tables or marquee furnitures.

Nowadays the Husse is very much used as a decorative element and therefore old seatings will be upgraded.

Especially the design aspect gained importance in recent decades.

The essence of a room will be influenced by Hussen in different colors, materials and design (classic slipcovers are mostly white).

As each chair is an individually sewing pattern, a offer for download is not possible.

But I love to give you a recommendation about certain features and the development of the pattern.


Happy New Year

chimney sweeperDear friends,

I wish you a joyful 2016 with all of my heart.

I am looking forward to present in 2016 new trends for you to reproduce in a quick and easy manner. Additionally a lot of creative from old to new ideas and stories from my life.

Let’s have a creative time this year.




Merry Christmas!

IMG_1512I wish for all friends in the world a joyful and contemplative Christmas Time with all of my heart.

On those days I show you a cute cuddly cushion for babies or little children. It’s cosy, soft and gives the little ones a comforting feeling.

You get it quickly finished in two hours.

And with the next post I get the sewing manual ready for you.




DIY: meditation cushion “Basic” II

First I make a pattern. For the round paper disk perfectly suits a big diner plate, which results in a proper diameter of circa 30cm/12”.

For a comfortable sitting height I choose 10-12cm/4-5”.

The same disk is used for the outer case and the inlet, which will be filled with the padding.

I prefer biological buckwheat shells, which are lightweight and comfortably adjust to the body.

With the disc I additionally produce two halves for the inlet, with a covered zipper incorporated. The process is somewhat more difficult than inserting a simple zipper, but it provides better protection.

And here I go – totally concentrated and delighted.

By the way, one really sits extremely comfortable in an upright position.

With the cord piping at the bottom you can customize the pillow’s hight.

In a few days you will be able to download the pattern for our meditation cushion right here. Please give us a while, we’re working on it :-).

The complete cushion


Easy and enlightening DIY: meditation cushion “Basic”

Years ago I discovered Meditation as an utterly enriching element of my every day’s life:

How wonderful just to exist, without goal, task and intention. Thoughts come to a rest, only the moment is perceived, full of riches and development. Joyfully I get connected to the forces of intuition, inspiration and creativity – the sensorial perception of the very moment enhances, indeed enables, the relish of all that beauty which composes life.

And before my inner eye appeared the little idea to make my own meditation cushion.


My dear friends

Barbara is back...

I was absent for a while. How life goes… But now Barbara’s Blog is back again with regularly scheduled posts of little stories out of my life’s treasure chest, full of useful memories and new ideas!


Our best wishes for 2015


Peace, health, uncountable moments of joy and professional success for our friends all over the world.

Stay tuned for our new top actual fashion designs of 2015 – all made by the revolutionary BoiledWear DIY method. You will find many fancy examples that will show you the incredible possibilities, opened up for you by this technique.

Your BoiledWear team


Coats for a shipowner

In 1980, I happened to get a job in Greece. I was hired to develop an entire collection for a local leather manufacturer. So I went with my little son to Thessaloniki. We were warmly welcomed by the locals and my new work inspired me: In collaboration with a chemist I could develop leather surfaces with total freedom and use the new material in the collection.

In Paris at the Prêt-à-Porter and at the Frankfurt fashion fair the result made a lot of waves. People curiously groped the leather surfaces and asked each other in whispers how that shiny metallic surfaces might have been realized.

Shortly before the end of the fair a couple of coats disappeared – a clear case of industrial espionage, and my company had failed to patent my new method.

Anyway it rained orders and back in Greece I started to plan the production. Among the clients there was the company Hettlage from Munich, which desperately needed some exemplars of their ordered models for their advertising campaign.



The unforgettable 1987

The “Münchner Förderpreis” is an award of the City of Munich given every two years to six persons for special achievements in the broad field of arts, design, architecture, jewelry and photography.

Scene München

In 1987, organized in cooperation with the Fashion Week Munich and the Italian knitting yarn manufacturer Linea Piu, there was a competition for knitwear design. The theme was earth, water and air.

I applied with a collection which I had carefully given a special flair: A scene from worked silver paper, earth and genuine stones unfolded like the stage set of a surreal landscape when one opened the application folder. It contained drawn and cut out models wearing my shoulder-accentuating designs with warm earth and beige tones.

I could not believe my luck when among 3.000 applications my designs came into the final round of the competition. This round consisted of a fashion show, which was presented to a critical jury. Diligently I did the finishing touches to my collection.