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Barbara’s Blog – Summer Break


Hi Friends,

our Blog is having a break until 26th of August. For me its a time of reflection and creating new ideas. One I can tell right now. I will show you how to make a “Mary Poppin´s Bag”. Of course with a free pattern as usual.

Have a nice summer time.




PONCHO No. 1 The stylish allrounder

Dear friends,

The pattern Poncho No. 1 is now available in the download section. It encompasses 16 pages. These are easily assembled by joining the edges with sellotape following the numbers 1-16. Next you can cut out the pattern.

This free pattern is made by myself and has a seam allowance of 0.4 in.

“Sewing instruction”

We start with binding off all the peaces of the cut. In the next step we prepare bits and pieces (this is a basic rule).

  1. Put the cut out pockets onto the pocket-line of the front part and fix it with pins. Then sew it on short-edged.
  2. Sew the middle seam of the hood.
  3. At the opening of the hood begins the drawcord: Apply a 2.4 in wide facing by folding the edges and sewing them, so it becomes a 1.2 in wide tunnel.
  4. At the right and the left sew a 1.2 – 1.5 in wide button hole with an underlaid fleece line.
  5. (Please take a fusible fleece line)
  6. The drawcord: Fold the ribbon, fix it with pins and stitch it.
  7. Sew the shoulder seam, front and back part.
  8. Fix the Hood with pins at the trunk-throat-line and sew it.
  9. Watch the spin of the wrap-effect! The wrap effect should go from the right up to the left (external view).
  10. Now pull the finished ribbon through the tunnel with a safety pin.
  11. Trim the throat seam on the inside neatly with bias tape.

I hope you enjoy your new DIY-poncho.

All best!



“Photo Shooting”

Dear Friends,

after some deviations we finally made our photo shooting with the most creative member of our team, Joe :-). He is not just an exceptionally gifted photographer but also a grafic Artist, Filmmaker and a Script- and Crime Author. I am always very thankful to be surrounded by people like him. Have a look at his Website (

You may look forward to the fashionable models of my dear friend Maggie and our free pattern to download. I’ll post the photos here as soon as there are available.

Prior to that check out this little „Making of“.

With warm regards



DIY with girlfriends

Hello my dear ones,

A while ago a friend of mine brought me a beautiful piece: A big scarf with a paisley-pattern in beautiful colors. The fabric consists of fine, gentle wool with some mohair. That quality protects perfectly against a fresh summer breeze. My friend asked me to make a wrap out of it. Have a look at the photos and see how happy she is!

How to make this “self-made” piece you can see in the post from April the 25th 2016.

With warm regards




IMG_2996It was fantastic to meet my good friend Seiha Heng from Berlin on a little fair in Essen called “Deine eigene Art” (Your own Way). Seiha showed his textile accessories for men’s fashion; each one a unique high quality item made by himself.

Dear friends, these unique products are a wonderful present for your partner or husband. Each and every pice is finished preciously. You can be sure that Seiha made it with joy, love and fairness.

I can recommend you Seiha’s web with all my heart.

Bye for now!



The true cost of our clothes

“The True Cost” is a story about fashion and its true price. About a billion dollar business that stages every style as a new revelation that we are allowed to receive – provided we buy it. But this story doesn’t start on the catwalks, it begins here: In the textile factories of Bangladesh, India and China.

»The fashion industry simply must gather its wits. It has to pause and contemplate how it was conceived initially. It has to question itself.«
Stella McCartney, designer

Fast Fashion – a billion dollar industry



Happy Easter

Frohe Ostern 2016Dear friends in the world ,

I wish you a relaxed and joyous Happy Easter.

We now have a week of Easter vacation and we wish our computer specialist Matthias relaxing Easter. After Easter it goes with the patterns of ponchos and other new models continue full force. Because the spring sends already the first messengers and gives us a lot of desire for something new.

Until after Easter

Kind regards!



In between: “Inspiration pure – our fiddle-weekend”

In the matter of: Knitting, Crocheting, Yarncolorizing, Drawing of sewing patterns, Cutting and Sewing.

This was a very joyful potter arounding with a lot of laughs, mutual exchange of experiences and a few top results.

Of course it was also feasted, Tasty has been brought and in the evening we sat with anexquisite wine (Chile 120 carmenere 2013) in a casual setting with discussions around the world.

Dear creative friends, I wish you  a weekend like this one.

See you soon, it goes on with the ponchos!