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Lightness of Being

Hi Friends,

In our airy Jersey-Poncho (Poncho No. 2), you’ll find the “Lightness of Being.”

The fabric consists of 100% cotton, mercerized with a light gloss on its surface. The carrying property is highly comfortable and is suitable for summer, fall, and winter wear. Whether draped casually, sporty or fancy, Poncho No. 2 can accommodate many occasions.

As always, the pattern is ready for download at “Barbara’s Inspirations”. Enjoy playing around with the outer form, perhaps thinking of something between our Poncho No. 1 and Poncho No. 2.

Find the pattern of the hood as well as the sewing instructions located with our Poncho No. 1.

Have fun with your DIY-Poncho No. 2, and unleash your creativity!