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Lightness of Being

Hi Friends,

In our airy Jersey-Poncho (Poncho No. 2), you’ll find the “Lightness of Being.”

The fabric consists of 100% cotton, mercerized with a light gloss on its surface. The carrying property is highly comfortable and is suitable for summer, fall, and winter wear. Whether draped casually, sporty or fancy, Poncho No. 2 can accommodate many occasions.

As always, the pattern is ready for download at “Barbara’s Inspirations”. Enjoy playing around with the outer form, perhaps thinking of something between our Poncho No. 1 and Poncho No. 2.

Find the pattern of the hood as well as the sewing instructions located with our Poncho No. 1.

Have fun with your DIY-Poncho No. 2, and unleash your creativity!




A whiff of silk

Hello Friends,

be trendy and up-to-date with this DIY Poncho Blouse.

Start with the full 55 inch width of the silk. Fold the silk, selvage on selvage. Measure from the folded edge to the selvage the length of the Blouse (e.g. 27in). The folded edge will be the shoulder and throat form. The length of the folded edge is 42 inch. Cut the throat form in the middle.

Measure from the shoulder the length of the arm (10 inch) and fix it with pins. The length of the sleeve inseam will be 6 inch. Stitch the side seam at 6 inch. Start at the selvage and stitch it with a length of 16 inch.

Sew the sleeve- and side seam in one process with a straight stitch. Fold the throat form tight twice, steam with the flat iron and stitch.
Thats it.