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PONCHO No. 1 The stylish allrounder

Dear friends,

The pattern Poncho No. 1 is now available in the download section. It encompasses 16 pages. These are easily assembled by joining the edges with sellotape following the numbers 1-16. Next you can cut out the pattern.

This free pattern is made by myself and has a seam allowance of 0.4 in.

“Sewing instruction”

We start with binding off all the peaces of the cut. In the next step we prepare bits and pieces (this is a basic rule).

  1. Put the cut out pockets onto the pocket-line of the front part and fix it with pins. Then sew it on short-edged.
  2. Sew the middle seam of the hood.
  3. At the opening of the hood begins the drawcord: Apply a 2.4 in wide facing by folding the edges and sewing them, so it becomes a 1.2 in wide tunnel.
  4. At the right and the left sew a 1.2 – 1.5 in wide button hole with an underlaid fleece line.
  5. (Please take a fusible fleece line)
  6. The drawcord: Fold the ribbon, fix it with pins and stitch it.
  7. Sew the shoulder seam, front and back part.
  8. Fix the Hood with pins at the trunk-throat-line and sew it.
  9. Watch the spin of the wrap-effect! The wrap effect should go from the right up to the left (external view).
  10. Now pull the finished ribbon through the tunnel with a safety pin.
  11. Trim the throat seam on the inside neatly with bias tape.

I hope you enjoy your new DIY-poncho.

All best!