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The true cost of our clothes

“The True Cost” is a story about fashion and its true price. About a billion dollar business that stages every style as a new revelation that we are allowed to receive – provided we buy it. But this story doesn’t start on the catwalks, it begins here: In the textile factories of Bangladesh, India and China.

»The fashion industry simply must gather its wits. It has to pause and contemplate how it was conceived initially. It has to question itself.«
Stella McCartney, designer

Fast Fashion – a billion dollar industry



Super fast: The fancy wrap

Dear friends,

today I give you an on the fly fashion-tip.

I owned a big, broad stole made out of fine cotton, that I never used because I felt literally overwhelmed by all that fabric. But then I had the idea to turn it into a wrap.


It was done in less than one hour.

IMG_1762First some preparatives: Iron the stole and fold it in half. Fix the side seam vertically at an altitude of ca. 16 inches with three or four pins. Now there are 9 inch left of the stole’s fabric that drops down casually. Of course the seam isn’t turned over.

For the straight neckline fold the already folded stole once more in half. Then align the selvage with the

side-seam. On the upper part, define the middle of the shoulder section and fix the length of the neck opening by sticking a pin about every 11 inches.

Make the incisions along the fold. After that you tuck two small seams of fabric with the iron and quilt them narrowly. And voila there is a comfortable wrap – or tunica – to suit you at home, in the garden or at the beach.

I wish you al lot of fun doing it on your own!





The fascinating world of DIY offers fantastic possibilities to shape your life individually.

Your favorite dress has become too tight? What now??? It would be so hard to say goodbye – but you don’t have to! Just look for some fabric that fits: If you shirt has pattern, simply find something with a harmonic, plain color. Same with plain colored dresses. The mix of materials is trendy and you can’t be wrong. Ever!!!

IMPORTANT: The whole design with these new lateral inserts will look better if you also add some of the new fabric to sleeves and neckline.

Here a DIY-example, how to give a new, actual look to your favorite dress.

All the best



MUST HAVE – A brisk Poncho – Model No. 1

A brisk and quick poncho is now completed!

Image of Poncho No. One

Click on an image below to enlarge.

The hood protects against the wind  and the casual poncho pocket in a trice picks up a car key.

The free pattern with sewing instructions will be soon available for download.

See you soon – kind regards,