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Happy Easter

Frohe Ostern 2016Dear friends in the world ,

I wish you a relaxed and joyous Happy Easter.

We now have a week of Easter vacation and we wish our computer specialist Matthias relaxing Easter. After Easter it goes with the patterns of ponchos and other new models continue full force. Because the spring sends already the first messengers and gives us a lot of desire for something new.

Until after Easter

Kind regards!



UPDATE – MUST-HAVE in this season

Here I introduce to you the first series of ponchos.


The model no . 2 looks fantastic at the first sunbeams in fine knitware-linen in a delicate graytone with a powdertoned shirt.

The model no . 3 of fine boiled wool in a tender greytone with a large collar and large button is a chic Pondon to the jacket.

The model no. 4 of fine Jersey in a rose powdertone with a large shawl collar

with a decorative excluder seems very elegant and feminine.

The various sewing patterns will be posted starting next week in series in order to free download .

Look up ever for nice fabrics.

See you soon, kind regards



In between: “Inspiration pure – our fiddle-weekend”

In the matter of: Knitting, Crocheting, Yarncolorizing, Drawing of sewing patterns, Cutting and Sewing.

This was a very joyful potter arounding with a lot of laughs, mutual exchange of experiences and a few top results.

Of course it was also feasted, Tasty has been brought and in the evening we sat with anexquisite wine (Chile 120 carmenere 2013) in a casual setting with discussions around the world.

Dear creative friends, I wish you  a weekend like this one.

See you soon, it goes on with the ponchos!