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A cozy chair becomes smart!

Hi friends,

today I ‘d like to introduce you a trendy cocktail chair from the sixties.

The shape is sweet, but the fabric upholstery is awful.

In a few creative days a new look named “Husse” has arisen, made of 100% cotton so called “Canvas”.

“Husse” (in Switzerland also named “housse”, in france named “la housse” means union, cover, coat, slipcover) is a cover for seatings, but it is also used for bar tables or marquee furnitures.

Nowadays the Husse is very much used as a decorative element and therefore old seatings will be upgraded.

Especially the design aspect gained importance in recent decades.

The essence of a room will be influenced by Hussen in different colors, materials and design (classic slipcovers are mostly white).

As each chair is an individually sewing pattern, a offer for download is not possible.

But I love to give you a recommendation about certain features and the development of the pattern.


Happy New Year

chimney sweeperDear friends,

I wish you a joyful 2016 with all of my heart.

I am looking forward to present in 2016 new trends for you to reproduce in a quick and easy manner. Additionally a lot of creative from old to new ideas and stories from my life.

Let’s have a creative time this year.