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Merry Christmas!

IMG_1512I wish for all friends in the world a joyful and contemplative Christmas Time with all of my heart.

On those days I show you a cute cuddly cushion for babies or little children. It’s cosy, soft and gives the little ones a comforting feeling.

You get it quickly finished in two hours.

And with the next post I get the sewing manual ready for you.




DIY: meditation cushion “Basic” II

First I make a pattern. For the round paper disk perfectly suits a big diner plate, which results in a proper diameter of circa 30cm/12”.

For a comfortable sitting height I choose 10-12cm/4-5”.

The same disk is used for the outer case and the inlet, which will be filled with the padding.

I prefer biological buckwheat shells, which are lightweight and comfortably adjust to the body.

With the disc I additionally produce two halves for the inlet, with a covered zipper incorporated. The process is somewhat more difficult than inserting a simple zipper, but it provides better protection.

And here I go – totally concentrated and delighted.

By the way, one really sits extremely comfortable in an upright position.

With the cord piping at the bottom you can customize the pillow’s hight.

In a few days you will be able to download the pattern for our meditation cushion right here. Please give us a while, we’re working on it :-).

The complete cushion